Amalfi Coast

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” Ischia – Capri – Positano – Amalfi – Ravello – Li Galli Islands – Sorrento – Pompeii – Naples “

Enjoy and unforgettable holiday in the Amalfi Coast and its Islands, a perfect combination of small charming villages, stunning different islands, history, archaeology, delicious food and wine and one of the most famous Italian way of life. Don’t miss the chance to add two additional days to your cruise to reach the secluded Ponza Island, a real jewel in the Mediterranean Sea.



Also known as “Green Island” thanks to the numerous pine trees and lush Mediterranean vegetation, Ischia is as well the nomination of “capital of European spa” thanks to its underground concentration of thermal springs.


World-famous as a classy holiday destination, Capri offers a dramatic coastal scenery appreciated since the Roman Empire, ancient myths ranging from siren’s call to 1950s celebrities and several magical grottoes to discover, including the well-known Blue Grotto.


With its pastel colored houses reflected in the sea below, the village of Positano is a beautiful postcard. Vertically developed towards the mountains, it boasts charming narrow streets and alleys that show the colorful Positano fashion, known all around the world.


A cluster of white buildings located in the middle of the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi is one of the most historical villages of the area thanks to its past as a maritime republic. The marvelous 9th century Cathedral is located next to the lovely Arabic-style courtyard called “Cloister of Paradise”.


Elegant and refined village on top of a mountain, it offers some of the best views on the Amalfi Coast. Don’t miss the chance to visit the famed Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, famous for their unique panoramas and beautiful gardens

li galli

Li Galli Islands

The legend says that they were once inhabited by Homer’s mermaids who seduced sailors with their melodies until they lost control of their boats. The three islands form a small beautiful archipelago located between Positano and Capri.


Famous as a resort destination, Sorrento has a view that extends from the Procida Island, the entire Gulf of Naples with the Mt. Vesuvius. Walk among its narrow streets and follow the scent of the famous Lemons of Sorrento.


“The buried city”. It was 79 A.D. and the Mt. Vesuvius abruptly erupted, burying the Roman town of Pompeii under a thick carpet of volcano ashes. These ashes preserved for centuries the town mostly intacted and, thanks to important restoration works, it is now one of the best archaeological parks in the world.


A city full of unique stories who tell the history of this unusual city that amaze with its unaltered identity through time. Its combination of folklore, buildings from different historical periods and culture, an ancient culinary tradition and theatrical lifestyle makes Naples a special city to be discovered.

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