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Genuine care and comfort is the highest mission to embody a true home ambience far away from home. Continual improvement, to make a difference every day and fulfil even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our Clients, their families and guests is our daily commitment. Should you wish to live your experience right from your doorstep up to boarding the Yacht, we do provide bespoke services to accompany you from and to your residence. Our exclusive 360° and 24/7 in-house service is available for our Clients, whether that be on or off-board. Just trust us with the details.

From provisioning services such as local fresh ingredients and vintage wines to your favourite flowers and arrangements for that special occasion or just because it is that meticulous detail that heightens the sense of luxury to enliven the ultimate experience on-board. Our knowledge and experience of logistic procedures helps us ensure that orders are delivered quickly and efficiently. Our meticulous attention to detail is what defines us and keeps our Clients coming back. On a more technical side, we do also book berths and provide bunkering services during your cruises.

With our extensive list of contacts all over the world we secure sought-after reservations at the most magical fine dining places around the globe. Get the perfect hair and make-up for an exceptional celebration, treat yourself with a manicure, pedicure or any other beauty treatment while enjoying a glass of champagne in the saloon. Or allow your body to relax, unwind and stimulate your senses with exquisite fragrances and massages in the privacy of the Yacht, on her sundeck or in a world class spa.

Should you be in need of an adult-night only, we will screen and recommend you the highest qualified candidates to take care of your little ones. A proven track record, employment references and relevant qualifications are obligated before presentation. Once a Client has been matched with a nanny we make regular contact to ensure the relationship is developing well. Of course, all your favourite professionals are kept on file for future needs.

Nobody likes queuing at the airport security and embarking. A plane that meets your expectations with immaculate on-board services, space and specific amenities, these are just few advantages of a private jet. Sit back, relax and arrive at your destination without stress. Your flight to and from the airport of your choice whenever it suits you. After a long and exhausting day our limo service will bring you comfortably to the local airport, your villa, your Yacht or anywhere you may need to go.

In case you would like to explore the city or drive the scenic coast in style, we also offer private guided city tours and a wide range of prestigious vehicles from leading luxury car manufacturers with or without chauffeur. We recognise that our Clients want to step onshore looking their best, we provide tenders that give a smooth ride protecting you and your guests from spray. Though our Yachts carry a wide range of tenders, each suitable to different needs of Clients and Crew, all providing exceptional performance. Keeping up with the latest trends and safety measures ensures us that our Yachts have a stable of fabulous water toys, which guarantee memorable thrills. Not just for the kids, our wide variety of toys will reveal the inner-child in even the most sensible adults.


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