FISCAL & LEGAL | Rules and regulation

The Floating Life Fiscal & Legal Team provides support in rules and regulations, fiscal administration and Ownership structure. We can recommend the best solution for your Yacht on both fiscal and legal aspects. We can recommend the best Flag for your Yacht and assist Owners when it comes to converting a Yacht from private to commercial and vice-versa.

Fiscal Administration

Our experts have hands-on experience and knowledge of tax, legal and customs issues related to yachting. Our Team is well versed in the difference between EU regulations and international taxation and our services are custom-made to ensure Owners’ operations are compliant, whatever the itinerary and jurisdiction. We provide assistance on VAT and taxation matters and arrange payment of monthly/quarterly VAT returns.

OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE | Selection and Creation

Working closely with Owners and Captains we advise on, and support in, the selection and creation of the best solution for an Ownership Structure. We can help in the incorporation of Ownership and nationality by contacting the relevant authorities to obtain the appropriate registration and flag. We can arrange initial registration, reregistration and/or name changes for the Yacht by ensuring that the Yacht complies at all times with flag state and classification rules.