Sicily and Aeolians

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” Palermo – Cefalù – Stromboli – Panarea – Lipari – Salina – Alicudi and Felicudi “

Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago situated in Northern Sicily. Sicily will please your trip with stunning waters, snorkelling paradise and outlying islands full of culture and history. Sicily has a privileged position, being surrounded by the Mediterranean, has footprints of Greek, Roman and Arab cultures. Food, architecture and music along with the strong heritage will please you during your luxury trip onboard a super yacht.

cattedrale palermo


Palermo is Sicily’s Capital, offering exotic influences reflected in architecture and culture traditions. Must to visit places are the Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Capuchin Catacombs and the Monreale church.Taormina is a well known, enchanting little town, very colorful thanks to the tradition of her inhabitants.The Greek Amphitheater, built in the third century BC, offers a stunning and unique views of the Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano.


Cefalù is a small town famous for its landscapes and characteristics villages, counting on a strong wine heritage.Plenty of restaurants are present.If you are visiting Sicily



Stromboli is the northernmost island of this stunning archipelago, emerging out of the blue in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea.It is possible to find an active volcano rising almost 1000 mt above the sea level.



Panarea it is a frangipani-scented paradise, visit views of the volcano providing permanent fireworks natural show. It is believed that Panarea is part of an old no more active volcano, now submerged.



Lipari, the most historic island, you can admire the past passage of old civilization such as Greek, Italics, Saracens, Visigoths, Byzantines and Normans. Indeed the archaeological site in Lipari is one of the most renowned in Sicily.


Salina offers a natural and spectacular display of black lava stone beaches, capers and sweet Malvasia grapes.The island offers plenty of hiking excursion, making possible to reach stunning hidden place such as Grotte Saracene and Punta Brigantini.We recommend a visit to Capofaro, where famous wine producer “ Tasca d’Almerita” grows local grapes for the Malvasia. They organize colorful day where the guests can taste wine, while doing yoga or cooking course.The Hotel Signum is worth a visit, since its SPA is actually an ancient Roman Spa, and the chef of the restaurant has been awarded with 1 Michelin Star.


Alicudi and Felicudi

In conclusion, Alicudi and Filicudi are heaven for snorkelers, since the water is so transparent and clear that is considered as a natural masterpieces. Filicudi was the first of all the Aesolian Island to be formedFilicudi coast features broom-covered terraces, tight valleys, steep cliffs and deep caves especially near Punta Perciato.